MAI BPO Solutions

  • Top Merchandise Category 1: Apparel – 11%
  • Top Merchandise Category 2: Eyewear – 18%
  • Top Merchandise Category 3: Furniture, accessories – 21%
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  • Contact: Scott Roof, Vice President of Growth, Strategy and Engagement

MAI BPO Solutions Key capabilities: Inventory management; freight management; returns (includes inspection/testing, fluff-and-buff services, re-kitting/packaging, parts replacement, etc.); B2B and B2C fulfillment; reporting; special services (packing, kitting/assembly, backorder management, custom projects, etc.)

Average annual order volume for typical client: 600,000

Number of active clients: 37

B2C vs. B2B revenue: 45%/55%

Facility location: Elgin, IL