Behind the MFA Boston Catalog’s Demise

| Paul Miller

Established as a private corporation in 2001, Museum Enterprise Partners (MEP) was meant to help fund the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) Boston by running

TruST Urges Senate Not to Attach “Flawed” MFA to ITFA

| Tim Parry

Here’s why TruST believes the Marketplace and Internet Tax Freedom Act does a severe disservice to both bills, threatening to stall ITFA and derail a productive House debate over the future of remote taxation.

Bloomingdale’s Catalog Buyers Love New York

| Moira Cotlier

Few marketers are as closely identified with a city as Bloomingdale’s is with New York. This year, following the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center,

Whole Nine Yards

| D. Douglas Graham

FANBUZZ INC. WORKS HARD for its money. No mere fulfillment house, the company provides a range of turnkey solutions that cover everything from scoop to

Don’t Stick to Your Knitting

| MCM staff

Our reviewers this month assess the creative presentation of The Wool Connection, an Avon, CT-based cataloger of yarn, needles, books, and accessories

E-appending done right

| Ken Magill

With postage and paper costs on a never ending march upward, e-mail appending in which a third party matches permission-based e-mail names to a merchant’s

GSI Commerce Buying Sports Merchandise Retailer

| MCM staff

To extend its reach in licensed sports merchandise, GSI Commerce announced Feb. 9 that it will acquire Fanatics for $277 million, including $171 million of cash and $106 million of GSI common stock.