6 Lessons for Successful Back to School Retail Campaigns

| Matt Bower

Back-to-school has arrived for parents and children everywhere. Here are some key lessons in back-to-school email performance that illuminate key learnings for brands, including drivers of marketing engagement.

Week in Review: Is Back to School Still Cool?

| MCM Staff

Back to school shopping wasn’t cool when you were a kid… and apparently it wasn’t too cool in July. Back to school sales seemed to be slumping, and the season seemed to be taking on a new life a la the traditional holiday shopping season.

Back-to-School Ecommerce Sales Saw a 3% Increase

| Daniela Forte

Overall ecommerce sales for the back-to-school shopping season increased by 3% over 2016. A recent study by NetElixir found a strong and continuous trend of consumers using their mobile devices for online shopping. Here are some other back-to-school results found in the study.

Parents Lagging with Back-to-School Shopping

| MCM staff

The National Retail Federation reported that only 13 of parents have completed all their shopping while 23% had not started at all. See what other trends are expected this back-to-school season.

Back-to-School Shopping Expected to Reach $83.6 Billion

| Daniela Forte

According to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey, total spending including college and school combined is expected to reach $83.6 billion, more than a 10% increase from 2016’s $75.8 billion. See what other results this survey revealed for back-to-school and what it could mean for the holiday shopping season.

Staples Launches New Virtual “Scan My List” Feature for Back-to-School

| MCM Staff

Staples is making it easier for parents to go back-to-school shopping with its new “scan my list” feature allowing customers to scan their list and providing them the best products needed, all within the mobile application. See how Staples is doing this what it will mean for customers.

Millennials Prefer to Shop Online For Back-to-School

| Daniela Forte

Young millennials between the ages of 18-24 are choosing to shop online when it comes to back to college shopping. Their reasons range from not engaging in personal interaction and the comforts of being in their own home to do shopping. See what other preferences millennials are asking for when it comes to shopping for back-to-school this season.