In-Store Pickup Pitfalls and Payoffs

| Paul Miller

Multichannel marketers that allow catalog and online customers to pick up their orders in one of their stores find the service hugely popular among shoppers.

Amazon Encouraging Mobile Shopping In-Store

| Tim Parry

The warning signs about confident consumers shopping on Amazon while browsing your store’s merchandise have been evident, and now the ecommerce giant is encouraging smartphone owners to do so.

Continuing the Customer Conversation In-Store and Online

| Jim Davidson

With consumers practically attached to mobile devices and beginning to accept marketing messages on Facebook and Twitter, marketing efforts are less about driving to a specific channel and more about having a promotional presence in all of them and keeping the person engaged throughout the customer lifecycle. The reasons for disengaging from a purchase decision are nearly infinite, and the means to disengage are just a few taps away on a smartphone. Here’s how you can continue the customer experience between the store and the ecommerce site.

5 Tips to Turn Showrooming Consumers into In-store Customers

| Larry Freed

The proliferation of mobile devices brings many benefits and opportunities, but it also has given rise to an unprecedented challenge for retailers: that competition can be ever-present and just one click away. So, as a retailer, how can you vanquish this third wheel and tap into the power of mobile to keep your shoppers engaged and loyal to your brand?