10 Tips for Improving Your Inventory Management

| Curt Barry

As Amazon’s multi-fulfillment-center strategy continues to put pressure on multichannel merchants, having an effective inventory management strategy to maximize sales, profits and customer service becomes that much more crucial. Here are 10 points to consider as you develop and refine your inventory strategy.

8 Steps to Improving Inventory Management and the Bottom Line

| Gary C. Smith

Even the most efficient multichannel merchant often struggles with managing excess inventory. Common practices such as discounting or liquidation devalue products and undermine sales. And ecommerce makes it easier for shoppers to find cut-rate products. Here are 8 steps to help you avoid the biggest inventory management mistakes and come out on top.

Understanding Omnichannel Inventory Dynamics

| Ed Romaine

Inventory visibility has the effect of making the supply chain work to optimum efficiency, a critical element for omnichannel success. Here’s why you need to use detailed inventory information to create a model that optimizes your particular fulfillment operation.

Managing Inventory in an Ecommerce World

| Erin Lynch

Managing inventory can be quite the head scratcher. An ineffective inventory strategy leads to slow moving inventory, an increase in picking errors, and missed sales opportunities. Learn more from this executive summary from Multichannel Merchant.

How to Accurately Forecast Holiday Inventory

| Rodney R. Daugherty

By this time of year, promotional goods orders are already in process, particularly for those that are sourced overseas. But what about the many SKUs that can be sourced domestically, or even locally? For these shorter lead-time SKUs, there

Get moving on DC Automation

| Curt Barry

Most small- to medium-size warehouse operations tend to rely heavily on manual processes and labor. Automation could be saving them time and money