MULTICHANNEL MERCHANT reaches key decision makers responsible for ecommerce, management, marketing and operations at companies that sell merchandise through multiple channels—including ecommerce, mobile, social, and catalog.   Multichannel Merchant delivers original research, as well as in-depth analysis of trends and best practices, news, tactical/how-to, executive summaries, technology and supplier comparisons, tip sheets & resource information to help companies sell & deliver products wherever and whenever the customer wants them – at home, work, store or other locations.

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In Print

Three strategic guides are published throughout the year –two for marketing ecommerce and two for operations.   These print guides are a year-long reference and contain original research, executive summaries as well as insights on the latest trends.  You can sign up to receive your copy here.

Online is a one-stop online resource, with original research, executive summaries, tech and supplier roundups and insights on market trends that help you manage your everyday business.

Multichannel Merchant Source Directory

The Multichannel Merchant Source Directory offers senior-level executives at companies who sell by ecommerce, catalogs and retail easy access to all the leading products, technology and services available searchable by type, geography and name

Find the companies and resources that fit your requirements, with the ability to contact them quickly and easily.


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Twice Weekly:

Multichannel Merchant – Tuesday & Thursday: Insider news, how-to, feature articles, video, research, technology round-up, and wrap-up each Tuesday and Thursday.  Original content and items curated from around the web. Multichannel Merchant’s seasoned content team finds the most pertinent content of the week for merchants, and adds color commentary on what merchants should learn and how they can act. Frequency: Twice Weekly/Tuesday and Thursday. Subscribers: 20,000*


O&F Advisor: Covers ecommerce/catalog/direct-to-customer operations and fulfillment news, how-to, feature articles, video, research, technology round-up, and wrap-up every week. O&F Advisor is the only media that focuses exclusively on ecommerce/catalog/direct-to-customer operations and fulfillment.  Frequency: Weekly/Wednesday. Subscribers: 13,000*


Global ecommerce: enewsletter helps companies expand their ecommerce revenue and profits worldwide. It covers strategy and tactics for ecommerce, marketing, corporate and operations management in merchant companies.  We’ll cover how to set cross-border strategies, what the largest opportunities are in which countries, what’s working now, what pitfalls to watch out for, how to get started, or how to grow to the next level.  Ecommerce outside of the U.S. is growing far faster than domestic ecommerce, and merchants are looking for help as they grow across borders.


Operations Summit:

Ecommerce sales are shattering expectations while customer expectations for great experiences are growing – and simultaneously we have to cut costs. We’ve developed the Operations Summit 2015 as the only event that provides you strategies and tactics into every area of DTC and Omnichannel Operations & Fulfillment. Over 2.5 days we’ll provide you content on key trends, how-to and lessons learned in technology, warehousing, contact center, order management, pick, pack, packaging, shipping, returns/reverse logistics, inventory management, supply chain, global and more!

There are 40+ sessions during the two full day conference, as well as four in-depth workshops during the pre-conference.

The Operations Summit provides you insight into every area of DTC and omnichannel operations and fulfillment; if you have responsibilities in any of these areas, attending the Operations Summit is a must for your professional knowledge and development:

  • Warehousing
  • Order Management
  • Pick, Pack & Ship
  • Ship-to-store, ship-from-store, drop shipping
  • Returns/Reverse Logistics
  • Shipping, Distribution & Delivery
  • Technology, Automation & Systems Integration
  • Transportation
  • Customer Experience/Service, Call & Contact Center Management
  • HR, Workforce Management and Organizational Structure
  • Payment Processing & Fraud Prevention

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Growing Global

Global merchandise sales are growing by the minute, and merchants are scrambling to figure out which products to sell to which countries, and what channels they should use to reach global markets.

Growing Global 2015 is designed to help merchants figure out which opportunities are the best for them, whether or not they should use marketplaces, third party providers or partners to help them market, fulfill, and delivery their merchandise. We’ll explore what’s working now, what pitfalls to watch out for, and how to overcome the language and culture barriers. Merchants will learn which marketplaces are working best where, what regulations they need to worry about, how to protect themselves from fraud, how to get started, or how to grow to the next level.

Ecommerce, Marketing, Operations & Corporate Management at Ecommerce Merchants should attend.  Visit for details.


The 2015 Best Places to Work Award, honors direct-to-customer companies who have provided outstanding organizational structure and policy to drive their operations and fulfillment teams. If your company has a story to tell on how it’s promoted teamwork drives success, this award is for you!

The 2015 Excellence in Customer Experience Award will also be awarded at the Operations Summit, honoring companies who have powered their organization through providing stellar customer experience through back-office excellence. We are seeking companies who continually provide – and innovate – continual excellence in customer experience

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