Andrew Fegley

Andrew is the President of Remarketable, an ALC smart data solution, the only proprietary, privacy-compliant, omnichannel optimization platform. He has decades of experience driving digital transformation at global corporations and brands. He was a co-founder of Empathy Lab, an ALC partner company and leading digital agency that was successfully acquired by EPAM in 2012. During his 12 years in both companies, Andrew was a driving force in expanding his organizations’ digital footprint within the retail, commerce and media/entertainment markets, among other things, pioneering the first long-form TV-everywhere solution on the web.

Is Your Omnichannel Strategy Still One-Dimensional?

| Andrew Fegley

It’s no secret that there’s a disconnect between the way brands communicate with prospects across channels – and the way prospects actually want brands to communicate with them. Here are three ways to have a seamless omnichannel experience.