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A New OMS Model: Software as a Service  Jun 01, 2006 12:12 AM By Curt Barry

Application service providers (ASP), software as a service (SAAS), and managed services are all options for purchasing new hardware, software, user licenses, and managing your own IT shop. While these types of services have become more commonplace in the e-commerce world, they have gained a significant foothold in back-end order management. Applications typically include customer contact center, customer service, credit card authorization, order processing, inventory control, warehousing, marketing, and accounting for multichannel and direct companies.

8 Ways to Combat Shrinking Labor Availability  Apr 05, 2006 9:22 PM By Curt Barry

The benefits of a booming economy are obvious to top line sales but a robust economy causes problems with labor availability in many markets.

Multichannel system challenges  Apr 01, 2006 10:30 PM By Curt Barry

You’re the CIO of a multichannel company and responsible for the following: a retail merchandising and planning system that runs on IBM’s iSeries processor

Multiple Distribution Center Strategy  Feb 22, 2006 9:18 PM By Curt Barry

Most consumer catalogs operate out of a single distribution center. To control outbound shipping costs, their centers typically are located near the demographic center of the country.

The Four Keys to Improving Inbound Freight Management  Feb 01, 2006 8:17 PM By Curt Barry

Some things never change. After the holiday season, there is invariably a movement to determine how costs can be reduced for the upcoming year. Every aspect of the operation should and does come under review. But not every area of the business is given equal scrutiny. Management of the inbound freight function, for example, is one of the most overlooked areas for significant cost reduction.

Are You Ready for Holiday 2006?  Jan 05, 2006 2:55 AM By Curt Barry

Promises, promises. All businesses make them, but the best actually deliver. Now is the time to conduct a post mortem of how well your multichannel business performed in holiday 2005 and to develop plans for improvement for holiday 2006. While it may seem early to start planning for the coming holiday season, now is the best time because your people will remember vividly the good and bad incidents,

21 GOOD RECEPTION  Feb 01, 2005 10:30 PM By Curt Barry

Warehouse managers are always working to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their operations. One important way to meet customer service expectations

the return of the thing  Oct 01, 2004 9:30 PM By Curt Barry

Analyze this: In deciding whether to shop direct or retail, 81% of consumers indicate ease of returns as an important factor in their decision, according

10 Ways to Improve Vendor Quality Control  May 01, 2004 9:30 PM By Curt Barry

Quality Circles, Total Quality Management, Dr. Deming’s 14-Point Theory, and Six Sigma are all various programs aimed at improving quality in an organization.

Management Software Review: A Year of Competitive Change  Jul 01, 2003 9:30 PM By Curt Barry

After two years of sluggish software sales, we are finally starting to see catalog companies investing in new systems. Luckily for them, during the past

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