Curt Barry

Curt Barry is chairman of F. Curtis Barry & Company, a consulting firm specializing in multichannel operations and fulfillment. The firm provides services in system selection and implementation in OMS, WMS, ERP and Inventory systems, 3PL logistics, distribution center design, improvement in facility capacity, workflow and cost reduction and benchmarking. Curt is the author of “Best Practices in Multichannel Operations and Fulfillment.”


| Curt Barry

Warehouse managers are always working to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their operations. One important way to meet customer service expectations

the return of the thing

| Curt Barry

Analyze this: In deciding whether to shop direct or retail, 81% of consumers indicate ease of returns as an important factor in their decision, according

Five Aces

| Curt Barry

Business is no game, and it’s too important an activity to leave the results to chance. An ace in the hole is hardly cheating; instead, it’s a reserve

One Warehouse or Two?

| Curt Barry

A multichannel marketer based in Southern California needed help. A thriving company with 30 stores, a catalog, and a Website, it was ready to expand


| Curt Barry

Months before the horrific events of Sept. 11, 2001, the direct-to-customer business was performing erratically. Afterward, all bets were off. For many

Just for You

| Curt Barry

The sector of the direct-to-customer marketplace is populated by thousands of modest catalogs, single-product companies that do direct marketing through