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5 Crucial Multichannel Metrics  Nov 08, 2007 2:53 AM By Jack Schmid

Any seasoned direct marketer the importance of understanding the numbers side of the business. You have to know both the left-brain (analytic) and right-brain (creative) rules for maximum success. My philosophy is

Integrating Core Competencies  Jul 01, 2006 9:30 PM By Jack Schmid

Smart multichannel merchants are using all their core competencies across all selling channels including stores, Websites, and catalogs and they’re finding

Seven strategies for Breaking Down Silos  May 01, 2006 9:30 PM By Jack Schmid

Multichannel success is all about breaking down barriers between channels and building cooperation. Every company that strives for multichannel success

How to build a customer contact plan  Dec 01, 2005 10:30 PM By Jack Schmid

Multichannel success depends in large part on having a solid strategy for keeping in contact with your house list. Most marketers know this, but knowing

Measuring Sales Goals per Page  May 01, 2004 9:30 PM By Jack Schmid

One of the major challenges for every catalog company new or old is to have a barometer by which to measure sales performance. How did the overall catalog

Keeping in Touch in the Off-Season  Apr 01, 2004 10:30 PM By Jack Schmid

Let’s say that the vast majority of your sales come in the third and fourth quarters of the year. Maybe as much as 80% of your business is done in the

Catalog Analysis: Following the Response Curve  Nov 01, 2003 10:30 PM By Jack Schmid

This month we look at another analytical technique or process that direct sellers need to know, understand, and apply to their daily operations: tracking

Catalog Analysis: Profit and Loss Statements Part 2  Oct 01, 2003 9:30 PM By Jack Schmid

In June we looked at the profit and loss statement, discussing how a catalog P&L or income statement is different from that of a manufacturer and reviewing

Catalog Analysis: Understanding Catalog Profit & Loss  Jun 01, 2003 9:30 PM By Jack Schmid

During the past several months we have looked at financial formats for catalogs and the Internet from a global or financial model standpoint. We contrasted

Catalog Analysis: Demystifying the B-to-B Financial Model  Apr 01, 2003 10:30 PM By Jack Schmid

The business-to-business catalog financial model is quite similar to the consumer counterpart we discussed last column (Understanding Catalog Financial

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