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Give Me MySpace  Feb 01, 2008 10:30 PM By Ken Burke

If you think online social networking is all about fun and games, you’re missing the boat. Social computing strategies represent a new frontier of marketing,

Measure for measure  Nov 01, 2007 9:30 PM By Ken Burke

Think the traditional means for measuring print catalog performance

TRUST US  Nov 01, 2006 10:30 PM By Ken Burke

In a world where online security breaches and identity theft are constant news, it’s your job as a merchant to make shoppers feel as comfortable as possible

Get with the Loyalty Program  May 01, 2006 9:30 PM By Ken Burke

Creating a loyalty program that works is more critical now than ever. Case in point: The number of shoppers who defined themselves as longtime loyal customers

Split decision  Mar 01, 2006 10:30 PM By Ken Burke

In science-fiction movies, all the best computers talk intelligently to their users, listing their options and the relative chance of success of each.

Moving Beyond the Starter Website  Mar 15, 2002 10:30 PM By Ken Burke

So you’ve been selling online for a few years now, and the Website that seemed perfect when you launched it is no longer producing the results you need.

XML: The Future  Jul 01, 2001 9:30 PM By Ken Burke

Extensible Markup Language, or XML, is rapidly revolutionizing the creation and publishing of digital assets. XML is a media-independent format that defines

Getting Your Assets in Gear  Jul 01, 2001 9:30 PM By Ken Burke

Keeping Website content constantly fresh, new, and in sync with your catalog and other sales channels is a challenge. Then there’s the task of managing

WHAT LIES BENEATH  Jun 01, 2001 9:30 PM By Ken Burke

All the work you put into getting your Website up and running comes together in one place: the user interface. An attractive home page is a critical part

Creating KILLER CONTENT  Feb 01, 2001 10:30 PM By Ken Burke

Survival is tough on the Wild Wild Web. Improving your site’s content is one way to trigger additional sales and keep your business aliveTake a look at

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