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At deadline  Jan 01, 1999 10:30 PM By MCM staff

FINGERHUT CONTINUES ITS SPENDING SPREE In one week, general merchandise cataloger Fingerhut Cos. acquired a $100 million-plus cataloger and equity interests

FedEx strike threat postponed  Jan 01, 1999 10:30 PM By MCM staff

Although the FedEx Pilots Association (FPA) promised not to strike during the ’98 holiday season, catalogers shouldn’t rest easy quite yet. As of early

Catalogers sing UPS blues  Jan 01, 1999 10:30 PM By MCM staff

Multititle cataloger Knight’s Ltd. has been a United Parcel Service customer for 20 years. But now St. Louis-based Knight’s is considering ending its

‘Covering’ prospecting books  Jan 01, 1999 10:30 PM By MCM staff

Lois Boyle: Using consistent creative elements, customer covers should announce that an old friend has come to visit. Besides the logo, consistent creative

People  Jan 01, 1999 10:30 PM By MCM staff

Kim Myers is now the managing editor of Patagonia in Ventura, CA.Eximious has named Jeff Parnell as CEO. Parnell had been vice president of marketing

Slash-and save  Dec 01, 1998 10:30 PM By MCM staff

Victoria’s Secret’s announcement that it was slashing catalog circulation 30% signals a change of strategy for the women’s lingerie and apparel marketer.

Strategic exchanges  Dec 01, 1998 10:30 PM By MCM staff

Among the participants in Catalog Age’s 1998 Benchmark Report on Lists and Databases (see July issue), only 20% exchange names with competitors. But list

Pet peeved  Dec 01, 1998 10:30 PM By MCM staff

It may be hard to imagine the King of High Tech, Sharper Image catalog/retail empire founder Richard Thalheimer, steam-cleaning pet stains out of a carpet,

Successories gets back to basics  Dec 01, 1998 10:30 PM By MCM staff

To slash debt and reduce overhead, Aurora, IL-based motivational products manufacturer/marketer Successories put its The Golf Co. from Golf Digest catalog

Information highway robbery  Dec 01, 1998 10:30 PM By MCM staff

Direct marketers lose nearly $100 million a year to fraudulent transactions, according to credit card processor Paymentech. And the losses may skyrocket

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