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At deadline  Nov 01, 1998 10:30 PM By MCM staff

DRESS BARN TO LAUNCH CATALOG Discount women’s apparel retailer Dress Barn has begun recruiting executives for the catalog division it plans to launch

Wolferman’s spices up its brand  Oct 01, 1998 9:30 PM By MCM staff

Having a 110-year-old brand name goes a long way in the catalog world. But sometimes history just isn’t enough. So last fall, food cataloger Wolferman’s

The Web requester database edge  Oct 01, 1998 9:30 PM By MCM staff

Catalogers, like many other types of businesses today, are flocking to the Web, lured by the relatively low cost of entry for this new distribution channel,

Tilley’s action plan  Oct 01, 1998 9:30 PM By MCM staff

As befits a cataloger and retailer of “travel and adventure clothing,” Tilley Endurables isn’t content to kick back and let business take care of itself.

Merchandising  Oct 01, 1998 9:30 PM By MCM staff

They say that behind every great catalog is a great merchant-many of whom are the owners or founders of the company. In fact, 48% of the participants

Cover  Oct 01, 1998 9:30 PM By MCM staff

INSIGHT BUYS TREASURE CHEST COMPUTERS On Sept. 14, $800 million, Tempe, AZ-based computer cataloger Insight Enterprises bought $50 million competitor

A French catalog connection  Oct 01, 1998 9:30 PM By MCM staff

How to build an international infrastructure is one of the most daunting-not to mention expensive-considerations for any cataloger contemplating mailing

Will success spoil your call center?  Oct 01, 1998 9:30 PM By MCM staff

Your last two seasons have come in over projection. Unfortunately, the good-natured, “all hands on deck” excitement that has sustained you and the entire

People  Oct 01, 1998 9:30 PM By MCM staff

The Michigan Bulb Group of Peoria, IL-based multititle cataloger Foster & Gallagher announced two promotions. Chris Dwyer-Jaroszcwicz, a 13-year veteran

Why catalogers must eat their young  Oct 01, 1998 9:30 PM By MCM staff

R ecently I learned that the largest corporation at the turn of the century-the Microsoft of its day-was the American Lead Pipe Co. How is that relevant

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