Airing My Dirty Laundry from eTail West 2016

Those who know me well know that a free t-shirt is the way to my heart. So eTail West 2016 was my first chance of the year at getting a fresh new wardrobe to wear around the house, as well as Multichannel Merchant’s office.

I picked up nine t-shirts at eTail West. And I didn’t just do a grab-and-dash, I introduced myself, and I found out about each of the vendors’ products, their latest news and info, etc. So I take time to get to know the vendors.

pancake-shirt-150This first one is really cool, and as someone with the reputation of being a big eater (and who is struggling with weight loss), no eTail West t-shirt was more perfect for me than the one with a stack of pancakes with butter and a pitcher of syrup on it.

(Yes, I have no shame… And I lost my dignity many years ago.)

ninja-shirt-150The second one was awesome not just because of the bright blue color, but because it has a ninja on it. So I know, for sure, that my 5-year-old son is going to think it’s the coolest t-shirt ever and that I’m the coolest dad in the world.

(Okay, reality check, he’ll probably just ask me why I have a ninja on my t-shirt!)out but I have a serious problem with both of these remarkably-awesome t-shirts… I don’t know who to thank.

Neither of these remarkably-awesome t-shirts are branded.

So… How am I going to remember who I got these t-shirts from if they don’t include the company’s logos? I clearly remember having a conversation with people at both boots before  I got the swag, but the company’s names don’t ring a bell. I suppose a loot at the business cards I collected at eTail West will help jog my memory… But it’s the Friday after the end of the show and, well, I’m lucky I remembers to add the fabric softener.

Let this be the lesson. No matter how big a company you are, no matter how established you are, your promotional materials need to include you company name and/or logo. Otherwise, your swag-tasting trade show efforts may be forgotten.


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