Prank You Very Much: How Retailers Celebrated April Fool’s Day

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Superheroes Rule: Costume Company Declares Work is Better in Costume

super-hero-dress-code-400BuySeasons, Inc., parent company to online costume retailers and, will prepare its products for shipping in superhero attire and mindframe, and unite and multiply superheroes throughout the world through #SuperheroSelfie.

Effective April 1, 2014, the company has altered its corporate dress policy to require all employees wear superhero capes while on the job. In addition, mandatory training classes, including “leaping tall aisles in a single bound,” and “picking orders faster than a speeding bullet” will commence throughout the month.

This type of workforce development is unprecedented in the nation, and BuySeasons, Inc. is pleased to pioneer the effort.

“The employees of BuySeasons are already superheroes, helping parents everywhere to enhance the playtime and imagination of their children. We want to be able to embody that superhero spirit inside and out,” said Terry Rowinski, chief operating officer of BuySeasons, Inc. “Our superpower is delivering fun.”

BuySeasons, Inc. believes the dress code change will also ignite a movement of enhanced philanthropy throughout the halls of the campus and beyond. In fact, a 2013 study by Robin S. Rosenberg concluded that assuming the role of a superhero, even in a video game, increases the likelihood of performing kind acts in real life.

“We predict dressing like a superhero will spark additional acts of kindness daily, both within our walls and across the nation,” said Rowinski. “Dress heroically, act heroically, and pay those good deeds forward.” (@BuyCostumes) and Costume Express (@CostumeExpress) encourage those across the nation to embrace superhero attire, and Tweet out pics of themselves dressed as a superhero with #SuperheroSelfie.

“I’m thrilled with this new dress code,” said Jonathan Sagovic, Marketing specialist. “Is there a cooler place to work?”

Founded in 1999, BuySeasons, Inc. owns and operates,,, and The brands offer costumes, accessories, seasonal decor and party supplies for birthdays and year-round celebrations. BuySeasons, Inc. and Evite (, the leading digital invitation and social event planning brand, are subsidiaries of Liberty Interactive Corporation.


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    “When April Fool’s Turns Tragic”:

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