Prank You Very Much: How Retailers Celebrated April Fool’s Day

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New Device Allows Cigar Smokers to Sample Blends Online

Famous Smoke Shop, the nation’s leading online cigar retailer, has announced a partnership with technology startup Blend Masters, Inc., and is now offering cigar lovers the opportunity to sample cigars on their website via a product dubbed “ePCT,”. The ePCT leverages existing technology to deliver new sampling opportunities to cigar smokers through the cigar retailer’s e-commerce platform.

Edwin Rodriguez, founder of Blend Masters and inventor of the ePCT, noted that he designed it to “allow people to try cigars before they buy them. That saves money – and that’s impactful if you’re a cigar smoker who likes to try many different flavors and blends.”

Famous Smoke Shop demonstrated the product in a video on their website, and the focus group of “cigar tasters” were amazed at the accuracy with which the ePCT delivered the simulated tobacco nuances.

“This is because of the solution modules inside the device,” said Blend Masters’ Rodriguez: “You simply select the cigar you want to sample on Famous Smoke Shop’s website, plug the ePCT base module into an available USB port on your laptop or desktop, and as you puff, the device then mixes the solution to match the exact flavor profile programmed into each cigar line.”

The technology speaks for itself, said a Famous Smoke Shop representative. “If you didn’t know better by actually tasting the results, you might think it was some kind of illusion,” he said. “But you won’t find any smoke or mirrors with ePCT.”

“We worked with many of the cigar industry’s leading manufacturers,” added Rodriguez, “and though a few were hesitant to opening up their proprietary blends to us, they were equally as excited about the ability to deliver a simulated sample of their cigars’ blends to the consumer.”

The ePCT is available exclusively through the Famous Smoke Shop website and carries a retail value of $99.


  • Roger Tyson

    “When April Fool’s Turns Tragic”:

    Sure, it’s all fun and games…

    …until somebody REALLY gets hurt!

    [Note: The above is actually a 1 minute COMEDY video!]