Prank You Very Much: How Retailers Celebrated April Fool’s Day

Apr 01, 2014 7:11 AM  By

Attention Deer Hunters: Potential World Record Shed Found in Wisconsin


Take my word for it (actually, take Legendary Whitetails customer service manager Andy Schulz’s word for it), this is a possible world record shed. It’s as big as Cody Johnson’s's 60-pound dog.

Or is it? The email sent today by Legendary Whitetails leads instead to this offer for a Legendary Antler t-shirt.

A legendary April Fool’s email, indeed. Thanks for sharing, Andy!


  • Roger Tyson

    “When April Fool’s Turns Tragic”:

    Sure, it’s all fun and games…

    …until somebody REALLY gets hurt!

    [Note: The above is actually a 1 minute COMEDY video!]