Boycotting Retailers on Thanksgiving Day? Boycott These Professions, Too

Nov 25, 2013 1:09 PM  By

Gas Stations


So you feel guilty about that Egg McMuffin… and that coffee went right through you AND you’re out of gas. Please, just pull over on the side of the road and go in the woods. And while you’re at it, work off that Egg McMuffin by pushing the car to Mom’s. Gas station attendants deserve Thanksgiving Day off to spend with their families…


  • Sherry Chiger

    It’s a bit naive, to give you the benefit of the doubt, to compare EMTs, doctors, etc., to retail workers in regard to working on Thanksgiving. For starters, EMTs et al know going in to the profession that working crazy shifts and holidays is part of the deal; even those applying for a job at a movie house know before being hired that working on holidays is expected. Those Walmart workers, however, weren’t told of the possibility when hired several years back. Also, many, if not most, people who work on holidays receive at least time-and-a-half, if not double time, or get extra time off in response.

    • obot

      Retail workers don’t know they might have to work holidays? It’s been pretty common knowledge going back for several years. How many people have been at WalMart for 10 years? Besides, if you don’t like working holidays, don’t work in the service industry. I had to work every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve when I worked at a restaurant during college.

  • Rachel Schneider

    Sherry hit it correctly. Retail workers were informed only 2 weeks or so before that the hours were changed, giving little notice for planning. Retail is closed only 3 days out of the year: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday. Unlike Food, Shelter, Transportation which are NECESSITIES – no one needs to come out to buy a sweater or pants at THAT TIME. Most of the stuff bought will also be returned to the store after Christmas/New Years or exchanged. I’d say 80% of stuff bought last minute “in those 24/7 hours before Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve” is returned.

    • obot

      Nobody needs to work retail either. Find another job.

  • herbygee

    Sorry, don’t buy it. Retailers are using their clout to destroy their employee’s Thanksgiving. Not necessary.

    • Dave Babula

      Mant retailer DO NOT pay their employees time and half. What a crock that these retailers who give a family image.

    • obot

      I’m sure that is the only reason retailers open on holidays. They want to destroy their employees’ Thanksgiving.