Optimize Omnichannel Engagement with Actionable Consumer Insights

Feb 19, 2014 10:20 AM  By

Is your company one of the many that are scrambling to create an omnichannel strategy? Are you constantly faced with the dilemma of how you will support that strategy with actionable tactics?  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  In fact, 70% of the companies that we surveyed said they considered a robust omnichannel strategy critical to their organization.

But here’s the disconnect: only 19% say that they can consistently employ consumer data across multiple channels.

Multichannel Merchant recently conducted a deep-dive research study, sponsored by Neustar, that gets to the heart of what companies are thinking about how they use, or want to use, data-driven consumer insights to create omnichannel engagement with customers and prospects.

Our findings include:

  • Corporate spending on customer data and predictive analytics technologies is growing. Senior management views consumer data analytics technology, usage and services to be essential.
  • Many companies are running into challenges when they apply their data and analytics to omnichannel engagement; 54% lack staff with deep analytical expertise.
  • 35% of companies struggle with analyzing and implementing multichannel data.
  • Most customer touch points are not connected to consumer data – only 28% of websites, and 17% of social media, have access.
  • 43% report that systems integration issues are their biggest challenge.  There are too many data silos and not enough sharing.
  • 43% of retailers plan to implement personalization technology, 11% already personalize content for both authenticated and anonymous visitors.
  • 48% of retailers say that they can’t measure accurately across channels, but see the benefit of it.

The research will show how your company stacks up, and you’ll learn how to improve your omnichannel engagement through use of actionable consumer insights.

The bottom line is that if you haven’t set your strategy yet, you better get busy, because an omnichannel personalized experience will soon be a major expectation from your customer.

Click here for the full research report.
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