Multichannel Merchant’s Best of 2013

Jan 01, 2014 3:42 PM  By

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How to Target the 5 Types of Valentine’s Day Shoppers

With consumers spending nearly $18 billion on Valentine’s Day 2012, marketers to refine their retargeting efforts to ensure they make the most of this short, albeit lucrative, shopping season. Rakuten identified five types of Valentine’s Day shoppers.

Amazon’s Customer Q&A Is Social Commerce Done Right

Amazon’s social Q&A is explicitly designed for shopper-customer dialog about products; they say that they remove questions that are about shipping, availability, orders, and customer service. And they have built a powerful engine for ensuring that questions reliably get answered by past buyers, which provides a great experience for shoppers without creating a massive support burden for Amazon.

9 Ways to Improve Warehouse Productivity

No matter where you decide to locate your facility, your order fulfillment operations are critical when it comes to creating a positive customer experience. So it’s imperative that your warehouse functions at peak operational efficiency.

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