Multichannel Merchant’s Best of 2013

Jan 01, 2014 3:42 PM  By

2013 year calendar. April. Isolated 3D image


Returns Fraud Hurting Online Retailers

The National Retail Federation estimates that nearly $9 billion was lost by merchants in returns fraud in 2012. And according to a report from ThreatMetrix, online fraud resulted in about $3.5 billion in lost revenue in North America last year. Which makes it imperative, now more than ever, that retailers to step up and strengthen their cybersecurity.

Wayfair and REI Release April Fool’s Products

Hiking gear for my cat? No kitten? Nope, April Fool’s! Cats were the butt of several online April Fool’s pranks online: Vimeo became Vimeow (an all cat video site), Sony introduced headphones for cats, and the U.S. Army announced a program for cats. And here’s what else happened.

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