Multichannel Merchant’s Best of 2013

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How to React to 5 Changing Online Consumer Behaviors

Today’s busy consumer, caught in a whirlwind of information, has little patience for such a convoluted purchase path. Instead, they want their search to yield exactly the information they need— validation, reviews, specs and price.  To ensure they get the results they desire, consumers have modified their behavior in five distinct ways:  using more sophisticated search queries, relying on product images, reading recommendations, researching the facts and finding the best price.

Is Free Shipping Now Essential for Retailers?

Free shipping was once the goldmine for online retailers and what set you apart from your competitors. But as more and more retailers offer the service, is it now just something the shopper expects? In this infographic, you will see how free shipping is now the new normal and how by having it can mean an increase of at least 30% in sales.

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