This is My #47mysteryscrum Epilogue… or is it?

Aug 08, 2013 10:41 AM  By

I was the last of my friends to pull the trigger on ’47 Brands’ #47mysteryscrum. And while the excitement was built – I had a kid-like enthusiasm all day yesterday knowing my package was on a UPS truck – I was disappointed with the outcome. I felt like Charlie Brown on Halloween:


Ugh – a Washington Redskins t-shirt. Not a great day for this New York Giants fan! Oh, well, with victory comes the spoils, right? And I found out that the hat I ordered was perfect size-wise (though it is the Miami Dolphins), so if I get another ’47 Brands Franchise hat, I know size S (don’t laugh at my small hat size) is going to work.

And I tweeted it, because that’s what ’47 Brands would like its #47mysteryscrum fans will do:

And yes, I got a condescending yet deserved “And what did we learn?” from Mrs. Parry, who laughed the outcome.

Just wait until I pay fill price for some New York Giants (or Hartford Whalers) gear from ’47 Brands. Then we’ll see who’s laughing!