On the ad side

| Sherry Chiger

According to marketing services provider DoubleClick, during the third quarter of 2004 the average click-through rate for rich media was 1.17%, more than

Analyze this

| Dina Santorelli

Imagine a 24/7, real-time focus group one that gives you access to a customer’s every move. Imagine sitting upon the shopper’s shoulders as he views your

Tips for E-mail Tests

| MCM staff

Testing e-mail prospecting lists is in many ways the same as testing postal lists, says Don Buck, president of Milwaukee-based consultancy Buck Marketing. But e-mail testing has its own distinct challenges as well. Here, Buck offers a few suggestions to making your tests more effective.
* The first thing to do is decide what to test. Just because something is measurable doesn

Shopping around

| Heather Retzlaff

Comparison shopping engines can help you boost sales and acquire customers provided your company’s product is a top contender among the search results.

Reevaluating Affiliate Marketing

| MCM staff

Affiliate marketing was all the rage during the infancy of Web commerce. In the e-commerce equivalent of locker-room bragging, marketers boasted about

Setting Up An Affiliate Program

| MCM staff

Without question, affiliate marketing can add sales. But it can also cause you headaches if you’re not careful in establishing and maintaining your program.

A Taxing Treasure

| Bennett Voyles

I WAS IN VENICE RECENTLY, feeling a little glum because I couldn’t think of anything America has produced that could rival such a beautiful, mysterious