The missing link?

| MCM staff

Although most catalogers on the Internet claim to be transactional, several industry professionals believe that more than 90% of Internet marketers do

Playing private eye

| Paul Miller

Catalogers and industry observers estimate that 20%-60% of the names on a business-to-business house file become inactive in any given year. And reactivating

A new Internet Language

| Shannon Oberndorf

How many times have we heard that this technology or that technology will revolutionize e-commerce? Well, get ready for the next big thing: Extensible


| MCM staff

J. Michael Wolfe, the president of Longmont, CO-based Concepts Direct, was elected to the cataloger’s board of directors. The company also hired J. Benjamin

Ready or not . . .

| Shannon Oberndorf

Sure, you’ve got your hands full ensuring that your internal computer systems are Y2K-compliant, but what about the systems of your suppliers? Can your

Qualifying your leads

| Robert Spiegel

With the high cost of printing and mailing, catalogers can’t afford to waste mailings on unqualified leads. Business-to-business marketers-particularly


| MCM staff

Kim Myers is now managing editor of outdoor apparel and equipment cataloger Patagonia, based in Ventura, CA.Gift catalog Eximious has named Jeff Parnell

Thinking outside the mailbox

| Lisa Henderson

Let’s say a cataloger of tabletop items is discontinuing a china pattern. Database triggers could stimulate this mailer to telephone all the high-value


| Mark Del Franco

Call it a tale of two segments: For many catalogers of gifts, gadgets, and other hard goods, the holiday season delivered double-digit sales gains over