Auto Sites Feed Some Gas to Online Marketing

| Brian Quinton

The accepted wisdom in selling cars is that customers start looking for their next ride the moment they drive their current purchase off the lot. But the Internet and its research possibilities have added focus to the last eight to 12 weeks of that decision process, making that the most crucial time in which to reach the prospect and convert him or her from a digital tire-kicker to a showroom visitor. A couple of leading automotive Web retailer networks have taken this time crunch to heart and added recent features to their marketing and promotional programs that should help pull customers off their desktops and onto the lots of their dealer-members.

Catching Up with UpSnap

| Brian Quinton

When SearchLine last spoke to UpSnap Networks, back in November 2004, the Davidson NC-based company had just introduced a free SMS-based mobile business directory service. Fast-forward a year and a half, and pay-per-call ads have been added to the ad mix.


| MCM staff

Although the benefits of corporate blogs frequently make news in the business and mainstream media, survey respondents hadn’t yet embraced the technology