Seeking SEM stats

| Heather Retzlaff

Advertisers in the U.S. and Canada spent $5.75 billion on search engine marketing (SEM) in 2005, a 44% increase over spending in 2004, according to a


| MCM staff

Not surprisingly, annual revenue plays a role in how companies monitor SEM campaigns. Fifty-two percent of respondents at companies with annual sales


| MCM staff

More than one-third 37% of respondents to our survey said they engage in pay-per-click or pay-per-call advertising. Of those, 78% were business-to-consumer


| MCM staff

Although the benefits of corporate blogs frequently make news in the business and mainstream media, survey respondents hadn’t yet embraced the technology Seeks Blogging Gold

| Brian Quinton

Many marketers are treading gingerly around the notion of adding a blog to their Web site. Some are worried about the time and effort required to keep the blog active, while others are uncertain that consumers will show sufficient interest in the feature to make it useful. But don