NetSuite Company Profile

Customer Information:
Total number of supported installations: NetSuite has more than 3,200 sites using its eCommerce solution. NetSuite does not differentiate customers who deploy B2C sites versus B2B sites. Often, customers deploy for both.
Total number of installations on current version: N/A
Average number of orders processed per day (all customers): NA
Average size of customer by revenue: N/A
Average SKU count (all customers): NA
Percentage of primarily B2B customers: NA
Percentage of primarily B2C customers: NA
Percentage of hybrid customers: NA
Percentage of U.S. vs. international customers: NA
Percentage of customers doing at least 15% retail: N/A
Percentage of customers that are primarily ecommerce: NA
Percentage of customers that are omnichannel: NA

System Information (General):
Is your solution hosted? Cloud
Is it cloud-based, installed or both? Cloud only
Full off-the-shelf solution or customization required? Full off the shelf solution, can be customized as well

System Features:
Integrated shopping cart: Yes
Integrated accounting module: Yes
Support for real-time web order import: Yes
Support for personalized offers: Yes
Support for continuity fulfillment: Yes

Support for auto replenishment: Yes
Support for in-store pickup: Yes
Support for ship from store: Yes
Support for ship to store: Yes
Built-in OMS functionality: Yes
Integration with OMS:  Yes
Integration with WMS: Built in NetSuite WMS, but can integrate to others
Integration with WCS: Yes
Integration with CRM: Built in NetSuite CRM, but can integrate to others
Shared database for web, call center, stores: Yes
Mobile app: Websites are built with responsive design
Built with responsive/adaptive design? Responsive
Third-party site feeds (marketplaces): Yes
Displays all sizes/colors for each SKU in order entry: Yes
Fulfillment functionality: Yes
Supports single view of inventory across all sources (DCs, stores, marketplaces, vendors, etc.): Yes
Support for international currencies: Yes
Support for payment platforms (PayPal, Apple Pay, etc.): Yes
Support for non-U.S. addresses:  Yes