ROC Commerce

  • Address:
    1730 Park Street
    Suite 121
    Naperville, IL 60563
  • Website:
  • Contact: ROC Commerce
Customer Information:
Total number of supported installations: 8
Total number of installations on current version: 8
Average number of orders processed per day (all customers): 45000
Average size of customer by revenue: $10 mil
Average SKU count (all customers): 2500
Percentage of primarily B2B customers: 50%
Percentage of primarily B2C customers: 20%
Percentage of hybrid customers: 30%
Percentage of U.S. vs. international customers: 70
Percentage of customers doing at least 15% retail: 100%
Percentage of customers that are primarily ecommerce:  20%
Percentage of customers that are omnichannel:  80%

System Information (General):
Is your solution hosted?  Yes
Is it cloud-based, installed or both? Cloud-based
Full off-the-shelf solution or customization required? both

System Features:
Integrated shopping cart: Yes
Integrated accounting module: Yes
Support for realtime web order import: Yes
Support for personalized offers: Yes
Support for continuity fulfillment: Yes

Support for auto replenishment: Yes
Support for instore pickup: Yes
Support for ship from store: Yes
Support for ship to store: Yes
Built-in OMS functionality: Yes
Integration with OMS: Yes
Integration with WMS: Yes
Integration with WCS: No
Integration with CRM: Yes
Shared database for web, call center, stores: Yes
Mobile app: Yes
Built with responsive/adaptive design?: Yes
Third-party site feeds (marketplaces): Yes
Displays all sizes/colors for each SKU in order entry: Yes
Fulfillment functionality: Yes
Supports single view of inventory across all sources (DCs, stores, marketplaces, vendors, etc.): Yes
Support for international currencies: Yes
Support for payment platforms (PayPal, Apple Pay, etc.): Yes
Support for non-U.S. addresses: Yes