Symphony Commerce

Symphony Company Profile

Customer Information:
Total number of supported installations: 52
Total number of installations on current version: 52
Average number of orders processed per day (all customers): 5000+
Average size of customer by revenue: $20M+ Customer Revenue
Average SKU count (all customers): 2000+
Percentage of primarily B2B customers: 30%
Percentage of primarily B2C customers: 40%
Percentage of hybrid customers: 30%
Percentage of U.S. vs. international customers: 98% U.S customers
Percentage of customers doing at least 15% retail: 60%
Percentage of customers that are primarily ecommerce: 40%
Percentage of customers that are omnichannel: 30%

System Information (General):
Is your solution hosted?: Yes, it’s a managed service.
Is it cloud-based, installed or both?: Our service is 100% cloud-based.
Full off-the-shelf solution or customization required?: Customization is required for business rules, shipping and fulfillment rules across the catalog, ordering and fulfillment engine. customer requirements.

System Features:
Integrated shopping cart:
Yes, our shopping cart is seamless integrated into our OMS.

Integrated accounting module:
No, customers can integrate with the Symphony services to their accounting software.
Support for real-time web order import:
Yes, our order management system updates in real-time whenever an order is processed. Additionally, we have tools to allow for 3rd-party order data imports for brands to use whenever necessary. We also have APIs for programmatic import of orders.

Support for personalized offers:
Yes, we work with our brands to provide a personalized shopping experience for their consumers, from their online stores down to their packaging. The platform support personalized pricing and coupons for customers.

Support for continuity fulfillment:
Yes, orders are real-time pushed to the fulfillment systems and brands have options to set business rules on the order processing.

Support for auto replenishment:

We have an extensive subscription and auto-replenishment capabilities. We can support pre-paid and pay as you go for auto-replenishment models. 

Support for in-store pickup:
This is in our roadmap but we do not have this feature today.

Support for ship from store:
We can do ship from store through our multi-warehouse set up.

Support for ship to store:
Not currently, but it will be developed alongside ship-from-store in the near future.

Built-in OMS functionality:
Yes, our OMS sits at the core of our platform, processing orders across all channels B2C and B2B, and pushing those orders to our fulfillment system. Brands also have the ability to place orders on behalf of customers through our OMS, with customized pricing capabilities. Our OMS also supports subscriptions and customizable pricing tiers across each pricing channel B2C and B2B.

Integration with OMS:
We have our own proprietary OMS native to the platform but businesses can choose to integrate with their own OMS.

Integration with WMS:
Yes, we integrate with many WMS systems. We also offer ERP integrations for brands that want to maintain their legacy fulfillment processes.
Integration with WCS:
No, we do not integrate with WCS at this time.
Integration with CRM:
Yes, we can integrate with CRM tools like Adobe AEM but we also have a a CRM tool native to our platform.
Shared database for web, call center, stores:
Yes, our Manage interface provides all of the order and customer data required for brands to manage their web stores, their brick and mortars, and their customer service teams.
Mobile app:
No, we do not operate as a mobile app, nor do we provide mobile app services for our clients. Brands can use our APIs to build their mobile app experiences.
Built with responsive/adaptive design?:
Yes, every Symphony site is built with responsive design with mobile-specific elements available for further optimization.
Third-party site feeds (marketplaces):
Yes, we integrate with most major online marketplaces to allow our brands to run those channels through Symphony. We will also integrate with online retailers, like and through our drop ship product.
Displays all sizes/colors for each SKU in order entry:
Yes, we allow for product variants on both the front and back end of our systems, so that brands can display their entire catalog in their stores and manage their entire inventory with precision.
Fulfillment functionality:
Yes, we offer very extensive fulfillment capabilities. We have a nationwide network of fulfillment centers pre-integrated into Symphony that enables brands to offer 2-day shipping at affordable rates. Brands can also integrate their own fulfillment centers through the Symphony API.
Supports single view of inventory across all sources (DCs, stores, marketplaces, vendors, etc.):
Yes, Symphony has virtual inventory allocation capabilities, allowing brands to strategically allocate inventory across channels with speed and efficiency. Brands can also forecast demand and prevent stock outs across each channel for each SKU. Our inventory management system is at the SKU-level as opposed to product level, which lends inventory managers more powerful functionality.
Support for international currencies:
Currently in development, with a view to launch support for international currencies by Q3 2016.
Support for payment platforms (PayPal, Apple Pay, etc.):
Yes, we integrate with Stripe and PayPal for our payments. Apple Pay will be launched for Web when it launches in Fall 2016.
Support for non-U.S. addresses:
Yes, we’ll ship virtually anywhere on Earth.