5 Ways to Acquire and Keep the Right Subscribers

Jun 11, 2013 4:16 PM  By

Ross Kramer also did a video interview with Multi

Ross Kramer also did a video interview with Multichannel Merchant’s Tim Parry at IRCE 2013. Click the image above to see Kramer’s thoughts on all-things email.

Bigger is better. Less is more. Which best describes the most effective strategy for email subscriber acquisition? To tell the truth, the correct answer is a little bit of both.

While there’s no denying that any successful email marketing plan starts with a substantial, healthy list of subscribers, simply growing the number of subscribers on your list – even if you retain them over time – is not enough. Although a significant increase in sign-ups should certainly be one of the goals of your acquisition strategy, ultimately acquisition coupled with purchases – in both the short and long term – is the true measure of success.

If you have brick and mortar stores, the perfect opportunity’s right under your nose. Vigilantly train your associates to automatically ask for email addresses at check-out – either to join your email list, or better yet, when offering the option to receive an e-receipt – and you’ll quickly grow your list with folks who already have a proven affinity to your brand.

With or without stores, there are also many online options for acquiring subscribers that will boost your bottom line, as well as help your email reputation and deliverability. Here’s a fast look at five: