Abacus Indicator

Jan 08, 2007 10:37 PM  By

According to the Abacus 2006 Multi-channel Annual Trend Report, sales trends continue to vary significantly by product category, ranging from increases of 75% to declines of 86%.

The combined apparel and accessories category continue to lead in total sales, representing 35% of all activity within the Abacus Alliance corporate databases and generating $8.6 billion in sales from 70 million transactions. Home décor and furnishings followed with 22% of total spend, with the combined gifts category coming in third with 15% of total sales.

“In order to maximize marketing dollars, merchandisers and retailers must look not only at how their customers are buying but also what their customers are buying,” said Elisa Krause, Ph.D., vice president of analytics for Lafayette, CO-based Abacus. “By understanding which product categories are growing and which are declining—and combining that knowledge with insight into what channels are driving those sales—merchandisers can devise strategies to better improve ROI.”

Top growth categories:
Low-ticket beauty (+75%)
Golf apparel and merchandise (+46%)
Computer hardware (+45%)
Mid-ticket female apparel (+37%)
Video (+36%)
Health and wellness (+34%)
French decor (+26%)
Recreational and outdoor enthusiast (25%)

Lowest growth categories:
Fruits and nuts (-86%)
High and mid-ticket jewelry (-42%)
Gardening tools and supplies (-23%)
Petite size female apparel (-22%)
Hunting and fishing (-18%)
Pool gear, swimwear, and sunglasses (-16%)
Theme gifts and merchandise (-13%)
Collectibles (-12%)