International Spy Museum Gets Small to Stand Tall

Nov 22, 2006 1:40 AM  By

The International Spy Museum catalog just got a little bit easier to stealthily slip in your pocket. Measuring a compact 6” x 8”, the latest edition is about half the size of the premiere catalog, which mailed in September 2005.

Amanda Abrell, media relations manager of the Washington-based museum, says the catalog is now meant to serve primarily as a tool to drive customers to the Web store. “We looked at the results from last year’s catalog, what sold and what didn’t, to offer a more focused/tailored selection of offerings based on what customers were saying and buying,” says Abrell.

One reason for the smaller trim size, says director of retail Jodi Zeppelin, was to help the catalog stand out in the marketplace. “We decided to also scale back slightly after realizing the full cost of launching a catalog and all of the associated printing, postage, list management fees, etc.,” says Abrell.