Live from DMA06: FEDMA to Begin Research Initiatives

Oct 17, 2006 8:00 PM  By

(Direct) San Francisco–The Federation of European Direct Marketing Association (FEDMA) is set to begin a major research initiative at the end of the year, to create an economic analysis of the impact of direct marketing on the group’s 25 member associations.

“We hope to be pleasantly surprised by the results,” said Alistair Tempest, director general of FEDMA, during the global leaders session here on Monday. The research will compile statistics on consumer attitudes and business attitudes and create e-mail benchmark.

Several challenges are facing EU marketers, Tempest noted, including data protection issues such as opt-in/opt-out regulations and how companies need to notify consumers about their data collection practices. Consumer protection laws are also an issue, he said, noting it’s often confusing trying to determine which country’s laws apply in cross-border sales.

As in the U.S., consumers opting out of receiving direct marketing communications is a continuing concern. Tempest noted that in August, 130,000 households registered with the U.K. DMA’s Mail Preference Service, after a “junk mail” article appeared in the “Daily Mail.”

That number is significant, he said, considering that it’s the same as the number of homes that would typically sign up in a year.