MCM Awards Testimonials

Nov 29, 2006 10:52 PM  By

“After 20-plus years serving tree care workers, we felt it was time to turn the general public on to the proven, safe, and truly recreational aspect of climbing mature trees. We thought entering our catalog in the MCM Awards might garner independent and honest feedback on the quality of our unique approach. We were surprised and delighted, especially in light of the caliber of the presentations being considered, that MCM Awards judges chose SherrillTree as worthy of silver!”

Tobe Sherrill
owner, SherrillTree
2006 Silver Award winner Consumer Specialty Products, Print Channel

“As a small, direct mail tour outfitter we were pleased to be recognized by a panel of our peers; the opportunity to submit our catalog for review by industry experts resulted in feedback that was at once instructive and useful. As we strive to continue creating dynamic, compelling, and accurate resources, it is important to access ongoing evaluation…and rewarding, as well, to receive acknowledgement!”

Carolyn Walters Fox
director marketing, Country Walkers
2006 Gold Award winner Consumer Specialty Products, Print Channel

“Tessco is all about continuous improvement. While our Wireless Guide and Website continue to be leading sources of knowledge and solutions in the wireless industry, we wanted to be compared to the best sources across all industries. The MCM Awards have given us the exposure and comparative positioning that has enabled us to improve our offering for our customers. Each year we learn and each year look forward to challenging ourselves to be with the best.”

Steven E. Lehukey
vice president marketing and communications, Tessco Technologies
2006 Silver Award winner Syndicated/Co-op, Web Channel

“We enter the MCM Awards because we respect their comprehensive process and thorough judging. Their standards and objectivity enable our team to earn Gold and Silver Awards among companies 500 times our size.”

Leslie Bohm
CEO, Catalyst Communication
2006 Gold and Silver Award winner Syndicated/Co-op, Web Chann

“The competition is a straightforward yardstick of peer-reviewed performance (second, of course, to the ultimate judgment of market response), complete with a degree of explanation. This constitutes free independent consultancy, for all practical purposes. Above and beyond qualified assessment, winning is a professional rush, correlating nicely with superior sales performance. Informative and a good time, win, lose or draw.”

Bob Kilgore
director of marketing
Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue
2006 Silver Award winner Small Cataloger, Print Channel

“Our reason for entering the MCM Catalog Awards competition was our curiosity to see how our catalog actually stacked up against similar catalogs and to see what others in the direct marketing industry really thought of it. To say that we were thrilled and delighted to win the Silver Award after being in business for just five years is more than an understatement. It is gratifying to be recognized by your peers and know you are on the right track.”

Jason Beck
Diamondback Tactical
2006 Silver Award winner Business Specialty Products, Print Channel