Movies Unlimited Cobrands Catalog with Cable Network

Feb 13, 2007 3:49 AM  By

DVD and video merchant Movies Unlimited and cable channel Turner Classic Movies (TCM) have teamed up for a cobranded catalog. The 832-page catalog sells a broad range of discs, including classics from the ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, rare B westerns, Japanese animation, and television shows.

Ed Weiss, general manager for Philadelphia-based Movies Unlimited, says the co-branded DVD catalog is basically a reworked version of his company’s annual catalog, but with a different cover that features King Kong from the original 1933 film holding up a TCM banner. TCM is promoting the catalog with a 105-second TV spot featuring long-time host Robert Osborne.

The catalog costs $9.95, plus $4 for shipping. With every catalog order, consumers receive a $5 discount coupon. The catalog can be order from the TCM Website, the Movies Unlimited Website, or a toll-free number.

TCM has had an online store for several years now, for which Movies Unlimited handled fulfillment. Movies Unlimited has a 22,000-sq.-ft. warehouse and offers approximately 400,000 titles. The collaboration marks Movies Unlimited’s first licensing deal, however, Weiss says. “It’s a collaborative effort,” he says. “They get a cut of each order that goes through.”

Weiss himself approached TCM with the idea of promoting the catalog on air. Discussions between his company and TCM have been “off and on” for a while, but last fall he traveled to Atlanta and made his proposal. “It’s a no-lose situation for either of us,” he says. “It gets their brand out there in book form. And people don’t throw this book away once they get it. TCM is looking to grow sales on their Website, grow the brand, and we’re certainly happy to do the same.”

Weiss, who has worked at Movies Unlimited for 28 years, says the company has been approached by other companies a few times in the past about cobranding its catalog. But none of those businesses seemed to be as optimal a partner as TCM. “The synergies between the companies are really so strong,” Weiss says. “And we already had a relationship set up with them. The commercial is an excellent spot, and it’s doing excellent.”