New Life Launches Lotus Touch Spin-off

Apr 12, 2007 1:18 AM  By

New Life Systems, a manufacturer/marketer of massage, body care, and aromatherapy products for spas and salons, has launched a spin-off catalog selling its Lotus Touch line of nut-oil-free salon products.

The tagline for the Lotus Touch catalog is “No Nut Oil, No Mineral Oil, No Direct Alcohol.” New Life Systems owner Allan Share says the product line meets a growing demand, as allergies—especially to nut products—are rising at a “deadly rate.”

Minnetonka, MN-based New Life Systems mailed about 72,000 copies of the 32-page Lotus Touch catalog on Jan. 2 to both rented names and names from its house file. The response rate for the first drop was 0.989% among customers and 0.471% among prospects, with an average order size of $125.

Products include 16-oz. bottles of organic massage cream for $16.99 each, 10-ml. bottles of stress-management oil blends that are added to massage cream for $8.50 each, and 1-gallon bottles of laundry detergent for $18.95 each. Lotus Touch also sells the equipment and supplies necessary to deliver a treatment, including tables, chairs, sheets, and heating blankets.