One-to-One Requires a Unified Data View

Jun 24, 2008 12:55 AM  By

The Internet has given marketers unprecedented options for creating automated one-to-one campaigns. But for it to work, marketers must collect and analyze data from <I>every</I> channel to properly react to customer behavior and deliver personalized responses.

At the recent DMDNY conference, Fred Chapman, director of alliances for Unica Corp. said the challenge is simply being consistent, no matter what media you are using to engage your customer. Over half of marketers aren’t effectively tracking customer activity across all channels.

If it’s done right, he said, marketing automation can be used to build one-to-one communications from the ground up, delivering data-driven, mass-personalization messages beyond “Dear Customer Name.”

Central to this is predictive analytics, which enables marketers to see trends in behavior and run models to determine what customers are going to want next. The software used for this process should deliver data in real time, preferably in a graphical format.

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