Responsive Design: Friend or Foe?

Jul 31, 2013 10:49 AM  By

As smartphones and tablets catch up to the desktop as a popular shopping device for consumers, more and more retailers are revamping their marketing strategies and ecommerce websites to include responsive design. But is that a good thing?

There are several pluses for any ecommerce merchant to step into the responsive design realm, according to this infographic from  Monetate, such as giving the consumer an optimized shopping experience across all channels and devices, reducing internal silos, and the creation of one website for all online shopping experiences. However there are some potential pitfalls, according to the infographic, such as slower download times, increased costs, and no longer offering unique shopping experiences on each device.

So, still not sure which way to go? Take a look at the infographic checklist below to see which step is right for you.


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