Study Says Consumers Have Need for Speed

Dec 18, 2012 2:49 AM  By

Consumers are craving speed when it comes to shopping with their mobile phone or conducting in-store research, according to a new study conducted by Moosylvania, and retailers need to be ready to oblige.

The Shopping Experience in a Smartphone World study looks into how respondents shop in a digital world and how it can impact marketers, brand managers, and advertisers.

A majority of those surveyed said they would also like to develop a mobile experience when shopping at a traditional store.

According to the results, 67% said they would allow a retailer to identify their phone when they walk into a store and send production information, 53% said they would allow retailers to track them in-store to receive location based offers on their smartphone, and 59% said they would allow in-store retailers to access prior purchase histories to receive suggestions and savings on their phone.

“With a smartphone in every respondent’s hand and access to a personal computer (97%) or tablet (43%), we found that when it comes to buying most goods and services, speed is beyond the essence,” said Norty Cohen, founder and CEO of Moosylvania, in a press release.

Whether they are shopping in a traditional brick-and-mortar store, online, or on their phones, Cohen said in the release, shoppers are “researching reviews, comparing prices, photo sharing and making purchases in seconds and prefer doing so equally online and in-store.”

Retailers, according to the study, and marketers need to provide “reliable up-to-the-minute product information” through SEO, reviews, special offers, coupons and advertising “so consumers can weigh their purchase options efficiently and with confidence.”

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