Survey Finds Catalog Mailers Prefer Monday Delivery

May 09, 2013 2:13 PM  By

catalog-covers-300The American Catalog Mailers Association surveyed catalog mailers to gauge how their mailings change and according to survey results, 44.1% prefer Monday as the day of choice to get the catalog in the mailbox.

Survey results found that 19.1% of catalog mailers prefer Tuesday and 12.1% prefer Saturday to have their catalog in the mailbox.

“We as marketers need to ask ourselves whether we want to be on Monday,” said Hamilton Davison, president and executive director of ACMA during the presentation at the National Catalog Forum in Washington D.C.

The ACMA conducted two surveys, the first survey of Q4 2012, concluded that Q1 2013 circulation, compared to Q4 2012, forecasted an average change of 84.7%.  In the second survey, Q1 2013 saw a 1.2% average change in circulation compared to Q1 2012.

First quarter 2013 circulation compared to Q4 2012 saw an average change 85.8% with a mean of 573.5%.  The survey forecast for Q2 2013 circulation projected for Q1 2013 (forecast) sees an average change of 4.0% with a mean of 23.9%.

There were 83.73% of B2C respondents and 3.95% of B2B respondents for the survey. The catalog representation included 200 separate titles represented, a circulation volume of 2.5 billion books annually and nearly 20% of total catalog volume in the USPS system, according to Davison’s presentation.

Conclusions made are indicative but not perfectly representative of the catalog industry. There is a wide-range of micro-drivers and macro-trends, according to Davison’s presentation.