The Rise of Pinterest in Ecommerce

Apr 29, 2013 2:44 PM  By

Retailers are beginning to see that one of the more popular ways to interact with customers is through Pinterest. It is no longer a social media site used by the masses just for posting images of wedding dresses, food recipes, or interior design ideas. It’s now an interactive way for retailers to spread the word about their products and a way to boost sales. According to this infographic by the Social Annex, Pinterest will account for 40% of all social media transactions by the second quarter of 2013. In fact, according to the infographic, 10% of all Pinterest users are more likely to make a purchase compared to any other social media site.



  • Kevin Flaherty

    Yet another social network many thought would never have any real marketing potential seems to have proven it’s value to B2C businesses!

  • Linze Peters

    Wow! I underestimated Pinterest… Ecommerce is taking a turn in a great direction. Social just can’t be ignored

  • John Holzmann

    Excuse my skepticism, but who is Converto and how do they come up with Pinterest accounting for 40% of all social
    media transactions when Pinterest has only about 2% of social media accounts (50 million v. 2.35 billion [for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ combined]) . . . and Pinterest-referred customers are supposedly only 10% more likely to purchase than the 2.35 billion users of the other major social media sites? What am I missing?

    • John Holzmann

      Oh! . . . For one thing, Convertro [NOT "Converto"] CEO Jeffrey Zwelling made his remark about Pinterest taking over 40% of the market well over a YEAR ago . . . and it was in anticipation of second quarter 2012, not 2013! . . . So . . . a bunch of hogwash, apparently. Still, if Zwelling could be trusted at all, he claimed in his April 9, 2012, article that Pinterest accounted at that time for 17.4% of all social media sales.

      Wow, MCM! An awful lot of us trust you to get your information correct. Could you have done much worse with this piece?