Yankee Candle Sees Crosschannel Customers

Aug 14, 2013 3:08 PM  By

Consumers of Yankee Candle are using multiple devices when they are considering purchasing a product.

Brad Wolansky, president of consumer direct and CMO for Yankee Candle, said consumers begin looking at products on smartphones, open an email on a tablet, and may pull the trigger on a sale on their laptop.

Wolansky said comScore reported that 48% of the traffic in internet use are on the mobile devices. Half of that, he said, is either coming from tablets or smartphones.

“Conversion is still lower in terms of how many people are buying on those devices, but it’s climbing and it’s growing for us as well,” said Wolansky.

Wolansky said Yankee Candle is seeing a higher amount of use and purchasing on the smartphone.

“Trying to pull together that multiple screen use so potentially viewing something three times before actually buying is something we’re trying to get our arms around,”said Wolansky.

Wolansky said he isn’t concerned with showrooming since Yankee Candle is a vertically integrated product.   If a consumer purchases a Yankee Candle product from anywhere or anyone Wolansky is happy.

“The issue is about product education and learning about it,” said Wolansky.

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