10 Things We Learned About Cyber Weekend 2013

Dec 04, 2013 4:15 PM  By

Walmart: 1 Billion Page Views


Let’s say that in our best Dr. Evil voice: 1… BIIIIILion… PAGE Views (pinky to corner of mouth). Joel Anderson, president and CEO, Walmart.com U.S., added that they “had an all-time record sales day yesterday as the momentum we saw on Thanksgiving carried through to Cyber Monday.” Top ecommerce sellers included the LG 50″ 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV, and top mobile commerce sellers included Tilting Wall Mount for 37″ to 70″ Flat Panel TVs, with HDMI Cable (mobile top-seller).

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  • Blake Ellis

    Great article, I love to see write ups that use numbers from many sources since statistics are always a bit dodgy to deal with.

    I would love to see more mobile numbers broken down by device type (tablet vs. phone) or screen size. Many tablet users shop on what is effectively the desktop version of a store, so merchants who don’t take that into account may feel their conversion rates for “mobile safari” is a reflection of their single-column layout (or mobile version), which is not the case.

    This may seem obvious, but I talk to many merchants that miss this distinction and wind up investing in mobile with incorrect expectations.