3 Ecommerce Trends to Implement in 2016

Feb 11, 2016 1:57 PM  By

First month of the new year already come and gone, can you believe it?! An exciting change is on the rise as these new trends shape online retailers, shoppers, and prosumers alike! We have gathered the top three most dominant trends among the ecommerce industry for this year.

Customer Reward Programs Gain Momentum

Customer loyalty programs are the hottest new way to engage and retain customers among businesses this year! A customer loyalty program sets the stage of a relationship between a brand and a customer.

This creates opportunities for businesses to entice consumers through rebates, premium products, promotions, pricing and other deals enabling the customer to want to keep returning. Loyalty and rewards programs are mutually beneficial, a win-win, so make sure your strategy is up to par and ready to go for the new year.

Mobile Shopping Domination

Mobile shopping is quickly gaining speed and makes up around half of all online traffic. In the United States alone, 98.9 million Americans have made at least one purchase on a mobile device. With mobile markets on the rise it’s crucial to catch the wave and make sure your website is mobile friendly and compatible to get a piece of that consumer pie!

Videos Promoting Products

Another rising trend is product promotion videos, not commercials but engaging video content. 58% of shoppers consider companies that have quality video content to be more trustworthy. With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, it’s no wonder that ecommerce and other industries are hitching their wagons to the video content train.

Between video content, mobile compatibility, and customer rewards and loyalty programs there are exciting things happening in the e-commerce industry. If you are able to dip into these trends and execute them for your business it is sure to be a huge hit this year and in years to come!!

Stephanie Gifford is a Multi-Media Specialist for Gwazoo



  • Miljana Mitic

    Agree that product videos will be big in 2016. Ecommerce will move towards more creating visual experiences for shoppers, and video will play a big part in that. Here’s an article I wrote on video trends for ecommerce http://blog.goodvid.io/5-ecommerce-video-trends-for-2016/ that readers might enjoy.

    • http://gwazoo.com Gwazoo

      Absolutely, it will be fun to see how marketers take on this new trend. Loved the video trends article!