3 Ways to Protect Your Customers During the Holiday Rush

Dec 10, 2012 8:45 PM  By

The holiday shopping season is a chaotic time for both retailers and consumers, and the stress of a potential security attack is one neither group wants to think about.

As retailers work diligently to process genuine transactions, they have little time to closely examine each transaction for suspicious activity. Therefore, online retailers must be proactive and implement effective cybersecurity measures sooner rather than later.

Now that holiday shopping is in full swing, retailers must act immediately to strengthen their cybersecurity strategies and assure all incoming transactions are authentic.

Retailers must put forth their best effort to protect customers this holiday season. As holiday shopping kicks into full gear, there’s still time to protect mobile customers and ecommerce revenues before it’s too late by adding the following measures to ecommerce sites.

Here are three ways you can protect your customers during the holiday rush:

Man-in-the-Browser (MitB)
Watch for signs of these attacks, which hide in an authenticated session and steal customer information. In the ecommerce case, this could be credit cards or gift cards. MitB detection technology can detect these threats for retailers in real-time.

Mobile device spoofing
Cybercriminals take advantage of weaknesses in mobile mini-browsers to mask their true location and the presence of spoofing is a clear red flag for fraud.

Take a holistic approach
Thoroughly track consumers on both mobile apps and websites, creating a consolidated image of transactions across all devices. Do not overlook mobile factors in your risk scoring, as mobile transactions continue to increase dramatically.

Andreas Baumhof is Chief Technology Officer at ThreatMetrix.