5 Common Human Errors in Ecommerce Usability

Oct 31, 2013 12:25 PM  By

404-error-300When rolling out a new or refreshed ecommerce platform, it’s important to receive the “All Ok!” from Quality Assurance testers. These tests verify that links work, buttons lead where they promise, and the coding is all-in-all ok.

And yet even after an ecommerce site “passes” the QA tests, users still get frustrated with the user experience. When your QA testing is done, make sure you consider the human side of a quality experience.

While links might technically work fine, they might not lead to what the user expects. With tablets now an increasingly important avenue for shoppers, even ensuring sites are optimized for mobile miss opportunities.

Typical QA testing is a vital part of any technology rollout, but testing these human factors and improving the site for real shoppers results in better conversion, improved loyalty and happier customers for the long run.

The following pages include five common human errors to watch for in your ecommerce experiences…