5 Factors Reshaping Ecommerce Today

Apr 03, 2013 8:21 PM  By

hands-on-keyboard-300Mobile, social, globalization, cloud and legacy order management systems all have a common goal: delighting the customer and earning their trust, according to a blog post by Louis Columbus on www.enterprisingirregulars.com.

Citing the recent Gartner report “Market Insight: Three Compelling Reasons to Update Your Ecommerce Product Strategy” .  Columbus said these are quickly five factors reshaping ecommerce.   He also credits Constellation Research in the area of Matrix Commerce.

According to Columbus, mobile, social, globalization, cloud and legacy order management systems for many companies exist in separate areas of their business.  Tying each of these together can deliver gains in customer satisfaction and allow for companies to stay in step with customers long-term.

According to Gartner’s report, Gartner estimates the market size of ecommerce software including commercial services from the cloud is $3 billion in 2013. 

The Gartner report predicts that retail, discrete manufacturing, wholesale/distribution, entertainment and travel/leisure industries have the greatest potential for future ecommerce growth, according to Columbus’ blog post.

Retail is going through a revolution right now, with social and mobile completely redefining their multichannel selling strategies. 

The top four priorities of CRM programs are enhancing the customer experience, increasing the acquisition of new customers, increasing sales revenue and increase customer satisfaction. 

According to Columbus’ blog post, Gartner sees mobile and globalization being the three compelling reasons why ecommerce product strategies need to be re-evaluated today.   One of the most overlooked areas of ecommerce strategies today is aligning ERP strategies to the specific, unique cultural needs of a given market.