5 Questions for Your Holiday Readiness Checklist

Jul 19, 2013 10:49 AM  By

iStock_000008190739XSmall2. Do You Have a Marketing Strategy?

While marketing strategies will vary depending on industry and targeted audiences, having a plan will allow your organization to better reach and relate to its consumers. If your business has already started to collect data on ecommerce site users, utilize that as a reference for all your campaign decisions.

Once you’ve gathered critical information such as how consumers are getting to your site, what they’re purchasing and if they’re abandoning carts; determine the goals for the 2013 holiday season. You’ll want to consider which social media platforms and services to leverage and ensure that each goal can be supported by all sales channels.

There’s no question that social media platforms give direct contact between shoppers and the brands they interact with most; however, email marketing has proven to be the most effective in customer acquisition.

If you have brick and mortar stores, strategize incentives for shoppers that make the most sense for what they want to accomplish and what saves you margin. Perhaps offer an in-store pick-ups, or free shipping for strategically relevant order values.

In addition to seasonal goals, you’ll also want to think about how to increase the customer lifetime value; you get them to convert, but how can you make his or her experience relevant enough to come back?