5 Questions for Your Holiday Readiness Checklist

Jul 19, 2013 10:49 AM  By

crosschannel-devices-full3. Is the Customer Experience Unified?

Across all of your sales channels, namely ecommerce, mcommerce and brick and mortar stores, can your customers easily find products at the same price? Do prices between your channels conflict?  Do they drive traffic to the channels in which you are most profitable? If prices or promotions differ, managers need to consider if dissimilarities could deter consumers.

With regard to mcommerce and ecommerce, it’s imperative to create an environment which not only provides ease of use, but is truly device independent. Varying user groups will access your site from android and iOS tablets, smartphones and laptops; they’ll also be on a number of different browsers.

Your interactive commerce experiences should be identical, ensuring every consumer’s browsing and shopping experience is the same. In another instance, if your ecommerce store doesn’t currently offer a mobile component (which it really, really should), consider ways in which to do so.

When developing a mobile site, you’ll need to determine whether a responsive design is necessary, or if strictly a mobile template will suffice. In every scenario always have data to drive your decision and target your most strategically significant markets, those which will truly appreciate the effort put into a unified experience.

Also, it’s imperative to realize that this, in the big picture, is a marathon – not a sprint. Markets consistently change, shoppers’ tastes are constantly in flux, and at times the only thing that seems to remain constant is change. Embrace it!